Frequently Asked Questions

What size is your congregation?

We typically range from 150 – 180 in our primary Sunday Morning worship assembly. Additionally, we will have a group meeting at The Meadows at West Shore who watch a pre-recorded broadcast.  Others who are sick, traveling, or shut-in may watch our services streamed live online.

How do you raise money?

Every Sunday, our members participate in a freewill offering. This is often called our “contribution.” While most of the money we collect goes into our general budget, other contributions are earmarked for specific needs, such as missions and benevolence. We call this our “special contributions” and these funds are considered outside of our weekly budget. Some of this money comes from Christians who are not members of our local congregation, but who entrust us to distribute these funds as part of our various ministries. All money collected is counted by two or more people, and contributions are cross-checked against bank statements. Budgets are published and shared with our congregation.

What do you do with the money you raise?

A variety of tasks and works are supported with our budget. Some of the money is used to pay for salaries of our staff, as well as to pay for our facilities, including maintenance and utilities. We support mission works in Ghana, India, and other countries. We set aside money for fellowship activities, benevolence, youth activities, and many small items such as office supplies. Every year we go through a budgeting process.

Do I Need to Dress Up to Attend?

Absolutely not. We want to welcome people of all ages, walks of life, and financial means. While some people do wear their "Best", particularly on Sunday mornings, most people dress casually. You are very likely to see someone in dress slacks sitting next to someone wearing jeans and a T-shirt. While we do encourage modest dress, we have no dress codes and our members (and visitors) wear whatever they are comfortable with.

Can a visitor take communion?

Yes. We take communion each week – it is a tangible reminder Jesus Christ, who was God’s gift to us. We practice open communion – anyone who believes in Jesus Christ is welcome to take communion, whether they are a member of our congregation or not.