What to Expect

Camp Hill church of Christ
The Camp Hill congregation is located at 3042 Cumberland Blvd. Camp Hill, PA 17011. Get directions or contact us anytime for more information.

The Camp Hill congregation was established in 1956. We strive for unity; although a diverse congregation, we are known for our fellowship, friendliness and our love and care for each other. We are a Bible-focused congregation, placing emphasis on reading, learning from and following the Bible, which is the instruction book that God has given to us. We do our best to follow God’s commands in how we worship Him and how we conduct our lives.

We are an "autonomous" congregation; this means that we are not part of any national or regional organization, and we are free to conduct our worship and affairs as we see fit. We do not send money to, or receive orders from any governing body; we enjoy the freedom that Christ has given us in deciding what we want to do as a local body of believers.

If you worship with us, you will see that like most Churches of Christ, our worship is known for a capella (vocal) singing. Our worship services will also include prayer and teaching. On Sundays, we take the Lord’s Supper, and our members participate in a freewill offering. Our services are simple; we attempt to worship God as the early church did shortly after the resurrection of Christ.

We are a very active congregation, with home Bible studies, fellowship activities, youth events, missions, and more. If you visit with us, we will do our best to make you feel welcome. If you wish to become a part of our congregation, you will have many opportunities to worship and get involved so that you can live an active life that benefits others and gives glory to God.

Sunday Mornings

9:30 am - Bible Study
Our classes are usually separated by age groups: Adults, teen/youth, children, and toddlers. There are numerous classrooms both upstairs and downstairs. Topics typically change quarterly. Classes end around 10:15am.

10:30 am - Sunday Morning Worship
Our worship service usually follows the same pattern from week to week. Though we've changed that pattern on occasion to suit the message of the week's sermon. Our typical pattern is:

  • Sing a couple songs
  • Opening Prayer
  • One or two songs
  • Song in preparation for Lord's Supper
  • Lord's Supper
  • One or Two more songs
  • Bible reading
  • Sermon
  • Invitation song
  • Announcements
  • Closing Prayer.

Services usually last until about 11:30am. But please stick around afterwards. We love to meet with our visitors.

On months with 5 Sundays, we have a pot luck lunch on that 5th Sunday after services. This is always a good day to visit. Please note that there is no evening service on pot luck days.

Wednesday Evenings

7pm - Bible Study
On Wednesday evenings, we like to gather together for encouragement and fellowship. As always, visitors are welcome to join us. There is a short devotional with the following pattern:

  • A song or two
  • A short, 5-minute sermon by a member of the congregation
  • Another song or two
  • Announcements
  • After the devotional, members are dismissed to classes, which run until 8pm.