Attended Nursery

We are happy to serve parents of young children through an attended nursery/toddler room during the worship service. 

Parents must sign up here to begin using the nursey.

Infants 0 - 12 months (in Nursery)

Toddlers 12 months - 3 years old (ends at 4th Birthday)

Parent Expectations

  • Take your child to the restroom before arriving in the toddler room
  • Please refrain from bringing toys from home
  • Please provide your child's snack/drink 
  • Label snacks/drinks with child's name
  • Pick up child within 10 minutes after worship
  • Volunteer to work in nursery/toddler room once per quarter

Parents are expected to provide food/drink/snack for their children. Please label ALL items with your child's name. There will be a basket labeled for your child's items at drop off.

For more information please contact Sharon Miller, Stephanie Weimer or Julia Trayer.

Volunteers Needed

Anyone who would like to help (must be 18 and up in the nursery and at least high school age in toddler room) can sign up here to volunteer or talk to Sharon Miller, Stephanie Weimer or Julia Trayer.