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Camp Hill has had involvement with several works in India going back many years. Paul Cantrell, who has gone on to his reward, went there in the 1970's as well as several of the evangelists since that time. The primary works that Camp Hill supports are located in Andrah Pradesh, a state located on the eastern coast of India and more specifically, in Kakinada, a city south east of the capital.

Two brothers, Joshua and Nehemiah Gootam have been key in spreading the Gospel to that part of India. Joshual has a media approach that includes television, radio and correspondence courses in his ministry. His son Ricky participates in this as well as founding an orphanage. Nehemiah founded the Kakinada School of Preaching (KSP) which has been training Christian men to go into all of India to spread the Good News.

This program is offered at no charge to these men and has been fully supported by outside groups and individuals. A recent development has been the ending of the majority of support KSP was receiving from a generous American donor. There is an urgent need to replace that funding if KSP is to continue. An offshoot of this work is the monthly support of many of the KSP graduates in their work of preaching the Gospel in their home towns and villages.

Camp Hill has supported aspects of these works through the years as well as functioning as conduit for support given by other American congregations. Many from the congregation have traveled to Andhra Pradesh in the past to participate in the work there.

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Camp Hill has been involved with outreach in this western African nation for many years, beginning in the 1980's through the efforts of Bob Williams, an elder here who has since passed on. Much of Bob's initial focus was in supporting the needs of daily life of the brethren there. This included teaching about good agricultural practices, acquiring clean water, improving access to better medical care.

Of course preaching the Gospel was central to all of these efforts. Gabriel Opong, an elder in the Bomso chuch, is a key person in the children's bible ministry in Kumasi as well as the Ghana Bible College, also in Kumasi. (check these facts) There are opportunities to support preachers as well as provide teaching and educational supplies to the congregations in Ghana.

There have been numerous trips by Camp Hill missionaries to Ghana through the years to encourage and support these ongoing works.

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