At Camp Hill, we are proud to have a strong youth group focus. We strive to get a high percentage of the young members of our congregation involved in youth activities. The elders and youth deacons all understand the value of having the youth encouraged in God's word and involved in each other's lives.

Most activities are free, but in some cases (such as camps or trips) students are asked to pay some portion of the expenses. However, we have a long-standing policy that no student will be excluded due to a lack of funds – we discretely pay for any student requiring financial assistance.

Christian Camps

All ages are encouraged to attend one of the local Christian camps. Both Camp Manatawny and the Pennsylvania Christian Camp (PCC) are popular – some students even go to both. There are weeks of camp geared to different grade levels. Learn more about our camp involvement.

Youth Activities

For grades 4-8, the Camp Hill congregation hosts an annual Bible Bowl competition for interested congregations.

For students in grades 6-12, there are a variety of activities, including:

  • Weekend trips – for example, Lads to Leaders convention
  • Overnight “lock-ins” and sleep-overs.

You Can Help!

Activities are coordinated by our Youth deacons and carried out with the help of many volunteers. We are always looking for other members willing to help, so if you are interested in hosting an event, please see one of our youth deacons.