Minister Job Description

Minister Job Description

Position Summary: We are looking for an experienced minister to serve the Lord with a passion and sincere love for God.  The minister will, under the oversight of the elders work with us to achieve our vision statement: Seeking the lost, equipping the saved and bringing all into the image of Christ.

Education, Experience, and Other Requirements:

  • Member of the church of Christ,
  • Strong faith and commitment to the call of serving the Lord as a pulpit minister and evangelist,
  • Excellent interpersonal skills, both verbal and written,
  • Demonstrates ability to preach, teach, evangelize, lead Bible studies, organize activities, communicate ideas, and use time effectively,
  • Ministry degree from a Christian university and/or school of preaching preferred,
    • In lieu of formal education, commensurate experience will be considered.
  • A proven evangelism and ministry track record,

General Duties:

  • Uphold the vision and mission of the Camp Hill Church of Christ.
  • Set a proper example of Christian behavior always. (Including dedicating the appropriate time to wife and children),
  • Work with the eldership to establish written goals for the overall ministry program, and develop a detailed plan on how to accomplish goals each year,
  • Provide regular status reports to the Elders concerning contacts, activities, issues, concerns, and needs.
  • Maintain availability by phone and email, and work with the elders to schedule regular office hours and days off. 
    • Be available as needed outside scheduled hours for special circumstances (i.e. funerals, emergencies, etc.) on a reasonable basis and considering family responsibilities.

Preaching and Teaching:

  • Develop sermons/plans/themes for preaching which are consistent with Biblical principles under the direction of the Eldership.
  • Preach at most Sunday AM services.
  • Participate in the rotation of teaching Bible study classes during Sunday A.M. and Wednesday P.M. services.
  • Participate in the development of new curriculum and education plans.


  • Work with Evangelism deacon and elders to develop evangelism plans for the congregation,
  • Work with Evangelism deacon to implement evangelism plans for the congregation, help organize and conduct community service and evangelistic ministries,
  • Conduct and help organize small groups including evangelistic and member edification Bible studies, other small groups including visitation ministry, service oriented outreach, etc.,

Member and Community Outreach:

  • Visit members, shut-ins, nursing homes, and visitors regularly.
  • Perform outreach to members who are noticeably absent for long periods of time, or appear to be struggling in their faith in other ways and coordinate with and report to the elders.
  • Coordinate planned ministry/congregational activities that reflect Biblical objectives.
  • Develop relationships within the community with the evangelistic goal of seeking the lost and engaging them in study.
  • Meet regularly with and advise the Elders of any special problems, issues, and/or conflicts within the congregation.