Review of God's Love Story

Sunday AM June 8, 2014As you know, over the past forty weeks we have covered a series developed by our own congregation called God’s Love Story. We made our best attempt to cover the entire Bible throughout that time from the primary theme of the Bible, God’s love for us.  Here it is from the first week to the last.

God's Love Story (Intro): Introduction to the Series

Sunday AM September 1, 2013This is the introduction to the 40-week series on God's Love Story. If you have always wanted to go through the entire Bible, but have not yet done so, then we invite you on this adventure. In this lesson we will discuss seven reasons why the Bible is the book you should be reading.

How to Have a Biblical Balanced Perspective

Tim Williams - Sunday AM June 22, 2008What are some ways to see things in the proper Biblical way?