God's love story

Review of God's Love Story

Sunday AM June 8, 2014As you know, over the past forty weeks we have covered a series developed by our own congregation called God’s Love Story. We made our best attempt to cover the entire Bible throughout that time from the primary theme of the Bible, God’s love for us.  Here it is from the first week to the last.

GLS 40: Crossing the Finish Line of God's Love Story (Revelation)

Sunday AM June 1, 2014In our final week, we read the mail of the first-century Christians and see what is about to happen to that generation, how they were encouraged to stay strong during persecution, and how we can apply that to our modern-day lives.  It is a fascinating journey you won't want to miss.

GLS 39: Running with God's Love Story

Sunday AM May 25, 2014Hear the encouraging words written to the Hebrews who were being pulled away from their new found faith in Jesus.  Join us as we examine the former champions of the faith who ran as to win an everlasting crown.  Now is the time, this is the place and our lives are the race!  Learn how you too can shed your fears & doubt and run a strong race towards Jesus.

GLS 38: The Testing of God's Love Story

Sunday AM May 18, 2014Using the first chapter of the Book of James, we learn much about how God’s Love Story can be tested. James exposes nine strategies in order to hang onto to the hope of God when the trials of this life are pressing us.

GLS 37: The Love Story Cannot Be Bound

Sunday AM May 11, 2014The scripture states concerning Paul's house arrest in Acts 28:30 "And he stayed two full years in his own rented quarters and was welcoming all who came to him."  In this lesson we will examine the identification of some of these visitors and their relevance concerning the Prison Epistles.

GLS 36: God's Love Story Demands Good Leadership

Sunday AM May 4, 2014 In this passage at the closing of the Book of Acts, Luke recorded that Paul spent two years under house arrest in Rome where he sought to be evanagelistic.  What happens after his release is also intriguing.  Paul left that prison with a mindset to further the works of the kingdom. He knew his days were numbered and sought to put in place a God-ordained structure to keep the churches strong once the apostolic age was over. It is called an eldership.   

GLS 35: God's Love Story Always Needs Follow-up

Doug Hamilton - Sunday AM April 27, 2014We need to make sure that we understand the gospel and why it is the Love Story of God for us today.  We also must follow-up with Christians to hold them in Christ until maturity.  Your actions today will more than likely assure that God’s Love Story will be strong in their lives tomorrow.

GLS 34: God's Love Story is Worldwide!

Sunday AM April 20, 2014There is a tendency for the Christian community to view their faith from a regional or national point of view.  God’s Love Story has always and will always be a worldwide perspective.  While Jesus was in His earthly ministry He communicated a worldwide love story and we must never forget it.

GLS 33: The Five Elements of God's Love Story of the Gospel

Sunday AM April 13, 2014God wants us to be evangelistic in our approach to the world. He wants us to share the blessed plan of salvation to as many souls as possible. If we want to have the best opportunity to share this message with power, then we must mirror these 5 elements of the very first gospel presentation.

GLS 32: God's Love Story in Three Words

Sunday AM April 6, 2014If you were to count every single word of the Bible, you would find 783,137 of them.  But there are three words from within all of the pages that will be focused upon in this lesson.  Let us examine the morning leading up to the resurrection of Jesus.  Three words that define us as Christians and changed the course of history forever.

GLS 31: Bread & Wine: Important Symbols of God's Love Story

Sunday AM March 30, 2014God has a Love Story and it all points to Jesus.  Particularly it refers to Jesus breaking His body in every way for us and in the blood atonement shed upon His cross.  This is what we commemorate every first day of the week when we are gathered together as His kingdom.

GLS 30: Our "God's Love Story" Responsibilities

Doug Hamilton - Sunday AM March 23, 2014Reaching out to the needy with our RESOURCES and the GOSPEL is the one-two punch of evangelism. If we will just live up to our true responsibility as Christians in this life, then we will make a difference in the eternal lives of all involved. Go and live God’s Love Story!

GLS 29: God's Love Story is Clear, Right?

Sunday AM March 16, 2014 Jesus spent His entire earthly life communicating the message “GOD LOVES YOU”, but not everybody would accept this and many people just didn't 'get it.'  Sometime we allow our earthly perspective to cloud our view of His love for us.  But the truth is, He loves us endlessly and completely.

GLS 28: Jesus, The Master Teacher

Sunday AM March 9, 2014Emmitt Channell shows how Jesus was the One true Master and Teacher, what that meant to the early Christians, and what it means for us today.

GLS 27: The Launch of Love - Jesus' Public Ministry

Sunday AM March 2, 2014Ken Hoover guides us through the public ministry of Jesus, His miraculous works, and how they evidenced the arrival of the Messiah.

GLS 26: Birth of a Savior

Sunday AM February 23, 2014From the promise given in the Garden of Eden until now, God has used all things to prepare the way for the arrival of His Son, the perfect sacrifice, the One mediator, the promised one, Jesus Christ.  Come, watch the plan unfold.  And the angel said to her, "Don’t be afraid, Mary, for you have found favor with God. Behold, you will conceive in your womb, and give birth to a son, and will call his name 'Jesus.'" (Luke 1:30-31)

GLS 25: God Cares for Us - The Book of Esther

Sunday AM February 16, 2014Esther's account reveals the amazing hand of God working behind the scenes to save the bloodline of the coming Savior.  It is an inspiring chapter in God's Love Story that teaches us how and why to be brave in times of adversity.

GLS 24: Coming Home to Gods Love Story

Sunday AM February 9, 2014There are many in the kingdom of God who have tasted salvation, but walked away in their lack of commitment.  They believed for a while, but in time of temptation have fallen away (Luke 8:13). They have strayed from the truth (James 5:19) and have forgotten the love story of God.  Don’t lose heart!  Learn from Israel and Come Home to God’s Love Story!

GLS 23: He has a Timeless Love - The Book of Daniel

Sunday AM February 2, 2014The Book of Daniel demonstrates how God's love for us stands outside of time itself.  As we see Daniel connect the past with events 500 years in the future, we can know for sure that our God has a plan in motion that no one can deny or destroy.  He has a plan for you too in His timeless Love Story.

GLS 22: No Matter What, the Love Story is the Same - The Book of Micah

Sunday AM January 26, 2014 God is consistent and His Love Story is Consistent, persistent and constant. Once you experience God’s Love Story, nobody can take it away from you. One can give it up by giving up, but it cannot be taken away. 

GLS Pt 21: Gods Love Story of Mercy - The Book of Jonah

Sunday AM January 19, 2014God Love Story has always included mercy.  He wants to extend it and we need Him to extend it.  He also expects us to extend it to others.  Apply this lesson by living a merciful life to others and to God.

GLS Pt 20: Without Suffering and Patience There Would Be No Love Story

Sunday AM January 12, 2014 We in the Christian faith must understand that trials will come to us in this life. There are forces out in the world trying to pull us away from God and His love for us.  Learn how we, like Job, can overcome these trials by staying close to God.

GLS Pt 19: When God's Love Story Unravels

Sunday AM January 5, 2014Sometimes our behaviors can lead to predictable disaster in our lives.  This leads to an important question, "What are the signs when God’s Love Story is about to completely unravel in the lives of a people?"  A brief look at the demise of the Southern Kingdom of Judah will yield some important clues.

GLS Pt 18: Avoiding Division in Gods Love Story

Sunday AM December 29, 2013As repeatedly mentioned in the series, the primary common theme of the Bible is God's love.

GLS Pt 17: Take Care Lest Ye Fall From Gods Love Story

Sunday AM December 22, 2013There are many intriguing characters in the Bible, but none more than King Solomon.

GLS Pt 16: The Emotional Side of Gods Love Story

Sunday AM December 15, 2013The Book of Psalms addresses the emotional side of man more than any other writing in the Bible. It truly deals with the Emotional Side of God’s Love Story.

GLS Part 15: God's Love Story is Personal

Sunday AM December 8, 2013From Genesis to Revelation, we learn of the love that God has not only for His people, but the entire world. His love story is centered in a very personal relationship with His Son, Jesus Christ. We will examine some of the ways that it is personal for us including our personal accountability toward God, personal sincerity to God, and the personal consequences from God.

GLS Part 14: The Mighty Man of Valor and God's Love Story

Sunday AM December 1, 2013Like David, Christians are called to be Mighty People of Valor that can take out any giants that come before us with the Mighty Power of the Blood of Jesus! If we will simply have this attitude in the name of our blessed Lord Jesus Christ, we will have the victory that God wants us to have against the giants that are before us.

God's Love Story (Pt 13) Saul - The Rejector of God's Love Story

Sunday AM November 24, 2013This chapter is one filled with rejection - Rejection of God as leader of His people, rejection of the king Israel had begged for, rejection of God's word - all of which had consequences.  Come and see first-hand as Saul walks you through his life in hopes that you'll learn from his mistakes.

God's Love Story (Pt 12) God's Love Story and Our Commitments to Others

Sunday AM November 17, 2013We live in a society that has forgotten the importance of commitment.  A brief look at the book of Ruth should bring things back into perspective.  The basis of all commitments we make to other people must be based in the fact that God committed to us first.  A Christian walk void of commitment is a “Ruth”less walk.

God's Love Story (Pt 11) God's Love Story of Rescue

Sunday AM November 10, 2013Are you feeling like a loser?  Are you not trusting that God will get you through that temptation?  Are you being persecuted?  Are you alienated from the world?  We will discuss six of the thirteen judges of Israel and through them you will clearly see the pattern of God's wonderful story of rescue for his people.

God's Love Story (Part 9) Reminding Ourselves of God's Love Story

Sunday AM October 27, 2013Make sure the word REMEMBER is applicable concerning your Past history with God, your Present obligations to God and your Future blessings of God.  Meditate on them and keep it fresh in your mind at all times.  If you do, then you will never let go of God's Love Story in your life.

God's Love Story (Part 8) Trust and God's Love Go Hand in Hand

Sunday AM October 20, 2013If you want to truly understand God's Love Story, then you will have to trust Him. Contentment is the greatest way we can trust God to carry us through to the end. Trust and Obey, for there's no other way, to be happy in Jesus, but to trust and obey.

God's Love Story (Part 7): Restoring God's Love When It is Broken

Sunday AM October 13, 2013What is the opposite of Love? Some might say hate, but in terms of God's Love Story it would be Sin. This is because sin is the obstacle we put in the way of God's love, going contrary to His will for our lives.  This includes sin against our brethren as well.  In this study we will cover the sacrificial system, how it restored a broken people to their God, and how Christ has reconciled us to God today.

God's Love Story (Part 6): Behold the Tabernacle Pattern of God's Love

Sunday AM October 6, 2013God wanted them to make a center of worship called the Tabernacle. It was to be portable, structured and God-centered. It is in this pattern that we learn a deeper meaning of who we are as a people, Who God is in our lives and what heaven is like for those who await it. Just like they were to "Behold the Pattern", we also are to do the same. It is a pattern of God's Love Story.

God's Love Story (Part 5): He has a Jealous Love

Sunday AM September 29, 2013Within the context of God's Love Story, we must understand that His love for us is undivided and that our love for Him must also be undivided. He does not want us trusting in our modern gods of money, fame, fortune, fitness, entertainment, political savvy or political correctness, but in Him only. We must strive to have a jealous love for Him, loving Him with all our heart, soul and mind (Mt 22:37). Only then can we truly understand God's Love Story.

God's Love Story (Part 4): Willing to See God Through Big Picture

Sunday AM September 22, 2013God's Love Story must be viewed as the overall Big Picture. He loves us so much that He gave His only begotten Son (John 3:16). We must never forget that our lives in this realm are but one chapter of a greater theme overall.  Genesis Chapters 37-50

God's Love Story (Part 3) - The Nature of a Promise

Sunday AM September 15, 2013There are many who know the promises of God from the Bible.  However, do they know the nature of a promise?

God's Love Story (Part 2): Evidence

Sunday AM September 8, 2013There is a movement in this world today that likes to beat the drum of "God is not real" or "Where is the evidence that He is even there?" If we are ever going to understand God's Love Story, then we must know that God is not hiding from us, for His evidence is abundant if we will only look.

God's Love Story (Intro): Introduction to the Series

Sunday AM September 1, 2013This is the introduction to the 40-week series on God's Love Story. If you have always wanted to go through the entire Bible, but have not yet done so, then we invite you on this adventure. In this lesson we will discuss seven reasons why the Bible is the book you should be reading.

Intro to God's Love Story

Sunday AM June 23, 2013Following the Great Commission to "GO and make disciples of all nations," Camp Hill launches a new evangelism tool for sharing God's Word with the community and the world. Brian Dowler explains the program and how it can be used by any congregation. Brian's presentation begins at the 1-hour 36-min mark. (1:36:00)