Soldier of christ

The Christian Soldier's Ultimate Victory

Sunday AM May 5, 2013Philippians 3:10-21. As Christians, we constantly fight battles every day. We win some and we lose some. Paul enlightens us in the text how to have strength in the battles through keeping the ultimate victory of the Christian soldier in mind.

Philippians: Lesson Six - Protecting the Morale of the Soldiers

Sunday AM April 28, 2013Phil 3:1-11. This is a continuation of the military themed series through the book of Philippians.

Philippians -The Mindset of the Battlefield

Sunday AM March 17, 2013In this text the apostle Paul will cover the three simple and effective mindsets that every soldier of Christ must have under his helmet.

Philippians: Lesson Four - Being a Good Soldier of Christ

Sunday AM March 3, 2013Paul mentions three things that every good soldier of Christ needs.