2017 Events:

Spiritual Giftedness
Jan 6
Gals Night Out
Jan 12
Youth Lock-In
Jan 13
Ladies Bible Study
Jan 13
Clean and Funny Comedy Tour
Jan 14
Baby Shower for Anita Burton
Jan 14
Men's Night Out
Jan 19
L2L Practice
Jan 20
Apologetics Bible Study
Jan 21
5th Sunday Potluck and Fellowship
Feb 5
Football Fellowship
Feb 5
Financial Peace University Class Begins
Feb 7
ART Says It! L2L Event
Feb 10
Great Smoky Mountain Marriage Retreat
Feb 15
Ladies Bible Class
Feb 17
Clean and Funny Double-header Comedy Tour
Feb 25
Youth Event at the Gym
Feb 25
Supper Bowl Game Day (in WV)
Feb 25
Potluck for the Hamilton's
Feb 26
Area Wide Worship & Potluck
Mar 5
Ladies Night Out
Mar 9
Ladies Day at Berkeley Springs, WV
Mar 11
Finding Dory Movie Night
Mar 11
Men's Night Out
Mar 13
Mar 15
Bible Bowl DELAY
Mar 18
Mar 18
Blood Drive
Mar 26
Crochet Party
Mar 31
Ladies Day at Broad Top
Apr 1
L2L Practice Night
Apr 1
Ladies Potluck
Apr 2
Bible Study at Yana's
Apr 3
Ladies Night Out
Apr 11
The Passion of the Christ - Movie Night
Apr 15
Crochet Class
Apr 18
Men's Night Out
Apr 20
Jr./Sr. High Retreat Spring Getaway
Apr 21
Post Easter Egg Hunt
Apr 22
Elders/Deacons Breakfast Meeting
Apr 22
Ladies Day in Martinsburg, WV
Apr 22
Congregational Meeting
Apr 23
OVU Lectureship 2017
Apr 23
Clean and Funny Comedy Night
Apr 28
Marriage Seminar at Carlisle
Apr 28
Spring Seminar at DuBois
Apr 29
Back to the Future (of our congregation)
Apr 29
Ladies Day at Catoctin, MD
Apr 29
5th Sunday Fellowship & Potluck
Apr 30
Spring Gospel Meeting
May 7
Ladies Night Out
May 9
Ladies Class
May 12
Men's Night Out
May 18
Farewell Fellowship for the Miller's
May 20
Craft Night
May 23
Craft Night
May 30
Love and Respect Marriage Class
Jun 3
Graduation Party!
Jun 4
ASL Song Class
Jun 4
Ladies Night Out
Jun 6
Men's Night Out
Jun 15
Carlisle VBS
Jun 19
Hymn Sing at Broad Top
Jun 24
Annual Church Family Picnic
Jun 25
Craft Night
Jun 27
Youth Event: Golden Meadows Visitation
Jul 11
Craft Night
Jul 11
L2L Meeting
Jul 15
Ladies Day at Lower Bucks cofC
Jul 15
Youth Event: Bowling at Trindle Bowl
Jul 20
Craft Night
Jul 25
5th Sunday Fellowship
Jul 30
Ladies Day at Lewistown
Aug 5
Bridal Shower
Aug 6
Craft Night
Aug 8
Youth Day at Knoebels Grove
Aug 8
Hymn Sing at Bonnybrook
Aug 12
Open Fellowship
Aug 18
Open Fellowship
Aug 19
Fellowship Potluck
Aug 20
Craft Club Night - CANCELLED
Aug 22
Camp Manatawny's 50th Anniversary Celebration
Aug 26
Blood Drive - CANCELLED
Aug 27
Annual Idlewild Picnic Day
Sep 2
Ladies Bible Class
Sep 8
Financial Peace University PREVIEW
Sep 12
Carlisle's 4th Annual Soup & Sing
Sep 16
Financial Peace University BEGINS!
Sep 19
L2L Practice
Sep 23
Youth Fellowship at the Dains
Sep 30
Fall Family Fun Day at Carlisle
Oct 7
Ladies Bible Study
Oct 13
Deacon Meeting
Oct 14
Fall Gospel Meeting
Oct 15
Harding Homecoming
Oct 19
Annual Church Family Retreat
Oct 20
Camp Manatawny 5k Run
Oct 21
Youth Event at Sports Emporium
Oct 25
Memorial Service for Dolores Hower
Oct 28
Conestoga Valley Ladies Day
Oct 28
Going Digital
Nov 3
Gateway Youth Rally / DuBois Lock-in
Nov 3
Area-wide Worship at Manatawny
Nov 5
Youth Advance 2017
Nov 10
Blood Drive
Dec 3
Ladies Night Out
Dec 5
Ladies Bible Class
Dec 8
Progressive Dinner for the Youth
Dec 9
Ladies Luncheon & Cookie Exchange
Dec 10
Safety First!
Dec 10