Home Bible Studies

In addition to Bible classes as part of our Sunday morning and Wednesday evening assemblies, the Camp Hill Church of Christ offers many weekly home Bible studies. While most of these studies are targeted for 6-week intervals, the duration may change based upon the material or desires of the study group. We have some long-term studies that have been meeting for several years.

At any time, we may have as many as 10-12 studies available, on a wide variety of subjects. Occassionally we have online studies which the participants join from home.

Subjects range from studying Biblical topics, to books of the Bible, topics of special interest, informational studies, and even counseling or self-help themes.

Additionally, personalized studies are available for those seeking special guidance or in need of individualized attention.

The Camp Hill congregation also offers courses in which credits can be obtained toward a Bachelor of Biblical Studies degree from the Sunset International Bible Institute of Lubbock, Texas.