Rules of Bible Bowl


  • Teams must be comprised of individuals in school grades four through eight.
  • No more than four members may participate at one time on each team.
  • Alternates may be substituted at the midpoint of each round.
  • A congregation may enter more than one team.
  • A team may participate with less than four members, although this will be a hindrance to them because of the scoring method.
  • Two congregations may combine to make up one team.
  • Each participant must register on only one team and participate only on that team for the duration of the competition.
  • Each team must be accompanied by an adult coach or chaperon during competition.


  • There will be twenty questions per round.
  • All four participating members of each team will answer each question.
  • Questions will have multiple choice or True/False answers.
  • Each question and its possible answers will be read twice and team members will be instructed to indicate their answer choice.
  • All questions will be taken from the book of the Bible announced for that year.
  • Questions will be worded from one specific English translation of the Bible which will be announced for that year.
  • If the correct answer to a question is compromised by a misreading of the question, the quizmaster will substitute an alternate question.
  • If the correctness of a question is disputed by a participant, coach or spectator, it will be annotated on the score sheet by the scorekeeper, but the question will be scored as read. After the round is complete, the disputed question should be discussed with the coordinator. If the question is shown to be incorrect from the scriptural text of the book and translation designated, the question will be scored as a correct answer for all participants. The judgment of the coordinator regarding question content is final.


  • Team and individual scores will be kept separately.
  • Team scoring for each question is as follows:
    4 team members answering correctly =  50 points.
    3 team members answering correctly = 30 points.
    2 team members answering correctly = 20 points.
    1 team member answering correctly  = 10 points.
    0 team members answering correctly = 0 points.
  • Individual scoring will be one point per correctly answered question for a maximum possible individual score of 20 points per round.
  • Unless error can be clearly shown, the scores kept by the scorekeepers are final.


  • During the six preliminary rounds, points will be accumulated from one round to the next.
  • The teams with the six highest team scores at the end of the six preliminary rounds will advance to the semi-final, Round VII.
  • Teams in the semi-final round will begin the round with a score of zero and team scores will be determined from correct answers in the semi-final round only.
  • The teams with the three highest team scores at the end of the semi-final round will advance to the final, Round VIII.
  • Teams in the final round will begin the round with a score of zero and team scores will be determined from correct answers in the final round only.
  • The overall winner will be the team in the final round which has the highest total points for that round.
  • In the event that two or more teams have identical scores for the semi-final or final rounds, their scores for all eight rounds completed will be totaled to determine placement for those teams only. If the total of all rounds completed results in identical scores, these teams will share the team placement and there will be no award for the next lower placements.
  • Individual high score will be based on the six preliminary rounds only.


  • Good conduct, fairness, and honesty should always be evident in Christian competitors.
  • Any behavior inconsistent with the above will disqualify an individual’s team from the competition.


  • The winning team will receive an engraved trophy to display at their congregation for the year. This trophy will be passed to the winning team’s congregation each year.
  • The top three teams will receive individual awards.
  • The other teams advancing to the semi-final round will receive certificates for team placement.
  • The individuals with the two highest scores in the preliminary rounds will receive individual awards.
  • The individuals with the third and fourth highest individual scores will be recognized with certificates.
  • Members of the teams with the winning T-shirt and banner will receive individual awards.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How many teams can we bring?
    You can bring as many as you like! Please register your teams in advance so we can be prepared to accommodate you.
  2. What if we have a partial team, or extra people?
    We strongly recommend that you join up with other churches who are bringing partial teams, combining your extra participants to make a full team of four people. You are certainly allowed to enter a team with more or fewer than four participants; however, they will be at a disadvantage. Only four people may compete at one time, so a team with five people will have at least two who do not get to participate in all the questions (you may substitute team members at the beginning or midpoint of each round)--these participants will also not accumulate enough points for the Individual High Score awards. If your team has less than four members, you will not be able to score the full amount awarded for four correct answers to a question (50 points), meaning your team will not score enough points to qualify for the semi-final round of competition.
  3. How much does it cost to participate?
    It's entirely free. We do ask that you help us out with the cost of providing your lunch. There is a basket for donations located at the head of the food line.
  4. How long does the event last?
    We usually wrap up the awards ceremony around 3-3:30pm. If you don't have a long drive home, you are welcome to stick around and help us get the building ready for services the next day.